Association of Buddhist Tour Operators (ABTO)

Association of Buddhist Tour Operators (ABTO) is a forum of the Buddhist Pilgrimage Travel industry. Established in 2015 in Nalanda – the land of Dhamma, it has close connections and constant interaction with other Buddhist associations in the world, and is increasing its international networking with professional bodies for better facilitation to national or international Buddhist Pilgrims and travelers visiting Buddhist heritage sites in the region.

ABTO interacts closely with the respective government son critical issues affecting the Buddhist Tourism Industry of the region. It interacts closely with all the government ministries, departments, chambers of commerce and industry and diplomatic missions etc. It functions as a bridge between the decision makers and the industry, synergizing their common agenda for Wisdom Tourism facilitation. All ABTO members observe the highest standards of professional ethics and offer personalized service to the Buddhist Pilgrimage Travelers.

ABTO is a common forum of like-minded tour operators who are promoting Buddhist tour packages. It expects to work as an industry lobby by coordinating with the government agencies and other concerned stakeholders for bringing favorable policies for business and doing away with obstacles hindering business of our member agencies.

In a world beset with many problems and causing great stress to humans and others alike, the Utopian Vision of ABTO is to bring to focus the truth of Dhamma as expounded by the Buddha with visits to the serene locations and enabling one and all to find the inner peace and happiness.

In this noble exercise there is a compelling need to ensure that all the sacred places associated with Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha are maintained and preserved for not only the present but for the future. In this context ABTO works with all governments, government agencies and other concerned stakeholders for maintenance and preservation of all sacred places.

Buddhist Tourism is not one where people only visit the various sites, venerate and do sightseeing but also where the pilgrims are inculcated with the noble truth of Dhamma as expounded by the Buddha as well as taken in the noble path to purification with Mindfulness and Vipassana Meditation. In our noble endeavor we, therefore, will ensure that pilgrims of whatever nationality from whatever nation is given the greatest value with these pilgrimage tours for their emancipation, peace and happiness.