Aims and Objectives


ABTO aims to take advantage of the development of infrastructure such as roads and tourist facilities to broaden the perception of India-Nepal among tourists and expand tourism beyond the Buddhist Monuments of and the beaches of India and encourage tourists to experience other highlights in less visited provinces such as its national & International Monuments, Palaces, Yoga & Message, waterways and less famous but no less important or beautiful ancient cultures. Today, ABTO is a respected, expert and authoritative voice in discussions on matters of importance in what has become one of India-Nepal-Sri Lanka leading industries-from infrastructure building to developing human resources.


ABTO’s main objectives are to work closely with other major players in the India- Nepal along Asian tourism industry to develop and increase tourism while giving its own members the strongest possible united voice in how this development will occur. These players include the Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, India-Nepal Buddhist Development Bodies, and private sector groups like airlines, civil aviation authorities, hotels and other hospitality based associations.

Members meet regularly to discuss ideas or concerns they may have and work out ways to capitalize on positive developments and head off negative developments in the industry as it affects them, thus formulating strategies to help the industry continue its positive growth. They also work together to promote a code of ethics and high professional standards in the provision of tourist services. By working with other associations in the region through visits, travel fairs and familiarization trips ABTO also promotes the Tourism with Buddhism overseas.